Feeling a Little Sour?

Rachel with Reiki patient

Rachel is a Certified Rossiter Coach, a Best Life Creation Society Life Coach, Reiki Master and Teacher and Gong Soundbath practitioner and is very passionate about helping people live full and healthy lives!

You are Worth It!

When your body isn’t feeling well it’s actually trying to tell you to pay attention! Here are some of the ways I can help.


Reiki Healing

Are you feeling out of sorts, a bit prickly, or maybe your thoughts are spinning? Do you take on the energy of others and feel drained?
Try a Reiki healing session to release stored energy and come back into balance.


Rossiter System Workout

Take care of your body in a whole new way! The Rossiter System Workout offers fast pain relief, restores normal joint range of motion and space, and helps you say goodbye to structural pain for good!


Secret Language of Your Body

Our bodies are trying very hard to tell us something about how our lives, jobs, relationships, and attitudes affect our bodies and our health. Discover your own ability ot heal through releasing emotions!